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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PS3 or XBOX 360?

     The biggest by far most opinionated question is this. Which is better, Xbox 360 or PS3? Now, I see nothing wrong with xbox 360 except for one thing, money. I don't understand why xbox charges to play online and ps3 doesn't. Now this an opinionated subject but if you look at who's spending more money each year on their gaming console, it's xbox. The only reason why xbox is higher is because of xbox live.

What I've heard about xbox live is that it works better than ps3. I don't have an xbox of my own but I have played online at friends houses. When I play at their houses the server doesn't;t seem any better than ps3. Another reason some people choose xbox is because they like the controller setup better. The controller setup is unique to xbox and does have a very smooth feel to it when playing.

The PlayStation Network is free. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get into games than xbox. For ps3 you don't have to pay for a new account online but you can't change your primary accounts psn name. PlayStation 3 controllers I prefer because I like where the analog sticks are placed. They make for a very fluent game play. For xbox players that only have xbox because they like the controllers more well go out and buy a ps3. There are ps3 controllers setup like xbox controllers. So you can have a xbox setup controller for ps3. It only cost around 20$ on amazon.

So all the gamers reading this, I hope this helps bring up more points for your debate. I prefer ps3 because its free online and that's the main reason!

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