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Monday, October 10, 2011

Infamous 2

I'm a sucker for sandbox games and solid third-person action titles, but Infamous didn't intrigue me leading up to its 2009 release. Superheroes and comic books aren't my thing, and I figured I would be just fine ignoring it while waiting for something more alluring to come through. But I was wrong. Having been tasked with writing the IGN Guide for Infamous, I jumped into an experience I thought wouldn't interest me and ended up loving every second of it. I beat Infamous four times. No matter how many times I played, Infamous never got old, and it quickly became one of my favorite games of the entire generation.

I'm happy to report that, in many ways, Infamous 2 is even stronger than its predecessor. 

Tangible allusions to Infamous are scarce in Infamous 2, and there's an expectation that you're already familiar with the events of the first game. So you should definitely play the former before you play its sequel. Having survived his time in the quarantined metropolis of Empire City, Cole MacGrath -- with powers imbued to him from a mysterious device known as the Ray Sphere -- finally faces off against the prophesized Beast. He gets his butt kicked and retreats to the American south to lick his wounds and follow-up on the very real possibility of becoming more powerful in the town of New Marais.

Infamous 2's story is a deep, character-driven affair -- Cole's best friend Zeke is back and joined by a new foil named Bertrand and his anti-Cole Militia -- but what good would it be without great gameplay to accompany it? Infamous 2 plays nearly identically to how the original played, and that's a good thing. You'll once again control the electric superhero (or supervillain as you get to choose your moral alignment) in third-person. You'll once again have the ability to use his superpowers as well as take advantage of his increased melee capabilities thanks to a weapon called the Amp. And experience points can be used to unlock new, more powerful attacks, allowing Cole to inch closer and closer to the strength necessary to take on The Beast. 

All of this boils down to gameplay that is superb. Cole handles smoothly, and better yet, he feels powerful. Cole in Infamous 2 is a continuation of Cole from the original, so he should feel like a powerhouse, and he does. Certain skills you had to learn in the original Infamous, such as the abilities to float and grind, are already learned as Infamous 2 gets underway. The goal here is simply to make Cole even more outrageously powerful than he already is, as opposed to starting again from scratch. This is definitely a nice touch. And while melee combat isn't as strong as it could be (and in fact causes Infamous 2's most serious problems in terms of a wonky camera), fighting is still incredibly satisfying.

Aesthetically, Infamous 2 pleases both the ears and eyes. Sucker Punch has created a telltale art style that fits perfectly in this series, and the game's overall look, including animations, is improved from the original. The sounds of New Marais are also great, from the basic sound effects of a bustling city to the voice acting. I certainly miss Cole's original voice, but the voice acting in Infamous 2 is still top-notch.

New Marais is a totally unique location that is a more living, breathing locale than Empire City ever was. There's real diversity in New Marais from the neon-lit red light district to the Katrina-like devastation of Floodtown, and it is all there for you to explore with the game's trademark parkour and climbing moves. Plus, there are plenty of enemies to fight, with a more robust cast of foes in both type and size. There are normal pedestrians who will rebel if you go the evil route to massive ice creatures looking to pulverize anything and everything. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Sorry about the white lines, I don't know what happened.

Saints Row The Third-PS3 Exclusive?

That's right, only about 1 month until Saint's Row The Third comes out. It comes out November 15, 2011 in North America. Sony's Jack Tretton announced that THQ's Saints Row: The Third will feature an exclusive multiplayer mode on PSN during the company's E3 Press Briefing. No video or on-stage demo was shown but Tretton promised it would extend the crazy, urban mayhem the series has been known for. Check back here for more info on this game often for more updates!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NBA 2K12 OUT!!!!!

The title says it all. The new NBA 2K12 has been released every body i recommend buying it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hackers Read!!!!

I know some people hate people that hack. I also know that some people want to hack. If you hate hackers, don't read this I am just posting this for all people that want to hack. A great website to go to is red dot city. They have a live chat that is usually loaded with people all day and night. They are usually friendly as long as you don't annoy them.  To go to red dot city go to: If you are on there add me @ jvtakeover!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NBA 2K12

     It's back! NBA 2K11, one of the most successful selling sports games in 2011, is back! The newer, better, improved game of NBA is back. NBA 2K12.

This game looks much better than 2k11 because the my player mode looks much better and improved. The new 2k12 my player mode gives you more customization than ever before. Instead of having to choose either answer with arrogance, loyalty, professionalism, or indifference, you will actually be able to choose what words you want my player to say. So instead of not being able to see what your my player will say, you can pick which words you want him to speak. My player will also be better because you will be getting a pay check about every week or 2 weeks. You will be able to buy skill points and other cool stuff with your my player money. Yet another improvement in my player game play is the ability to not have to play every game. No longer do you have play every game in a my player season, you can choose what games you want to play like key games, rivalry games, playoffs, etc. This is not to say that you can't play every game in the year, you can if you want but it's nice to be able to have the option to not play games. The NBA draft combine. Ever get board of those long long games? Well, now there is only one game to showcase your skills before the NBA draft. There is no more of playing 4 games without a sub before the NBA draft. One of the new my player out of game features is the endorsements. In 2K11 there were only about 3 or 4 endorsements. This year there is suppose to be about 5X more endorsements for my player. Just another one of many great new features for 2K12's my player.

3...2....1.... and Jordan for the win.... The Jordan challenge is back except this time with more players. The new Jordan challenge will be called legends. It is going to be almost the same set up where you get to play key games of other legends careers not just Jordan's. Now with this being said I'm not sure if the Jordan shoes are back. Now I don't see that as a huge loss but it would be nice to keep in the game.

The demo is out for NBA 2K12. The game play is so much better from what I've seen so far. As long as you are able to change the camera view in the full version it looks great! It seems so much more realistic than 2K11. That's my opinion on it, download the demo for free and try it out yourself.

I hope this helped you in learning more about NBA 2K12. It will be in stores October 4th 2011.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PS3 or XBOX 360?

     The biggest by far most opinionated question is this. Which is better, Xbox 360 or PS3? Now, I see nothing wrong with xbox 360 except for one thing, money. I don't understand why xbox charges to play online and ps3 doesn't. Now this an opinionated subject but if you look at who's spending more money each year on their gaming console, it's xbox. The only reason why xbox is higher is because of xbox live.

What I've heard about xbox live is that it works better than ps3. I don't have an xbox of my own but I have played online at friends houses. When I play at their houses the server doesn't;t seem any better than ps3. Another reason some people choose xbox is because they like the controller setup better. The controller setup is unique to xbox and does have a very smooth feel to it when playing.

The PlayStation Network is free. Sometimes it takes a little longer to get into games than xbox. For ps3 you don't have to pay for a new account online but you can't change your primary accounts psn name. PlayStation 3 controllers I prefer because I like where the analog sticks are placed. They make for a very fluent game play. For xbox players that only have xbox because they like the controllers more well go out and buy a ps3. There are ps3 controllers setup like xbox controllers. So you can have a xbox setup controller for ps3. It only cost around 20$ on amazon.

So all the gamers reading this, I hope this helps bring up more points for your debate. I prefer ps3 because its free online and that's the main reason!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MW3 or BF3?

Right now one of the biggest controversies in gaming in general are these two games. Modern Warfare 3 and Battle Field Bad Company 3. I personally prefer PS3.

Now, Modern Warfare 3 is suppose to be almost the same game only updated. What is suppose to be the same about MW3 is the graphics. MW3 is going to have the same 60 frames per second game play making it very smooth while playing. On the other hand, BF3 is now a better graphic system than Battle Field Bad Company 2. Battle Field 2 was based on the original DICE Technology Server. BF3 is now going to be based on a newer better Dice Technology Server.

Another huge difference in the games are the multiplayer match length and maps. MW3's matches are noticeably shorter. Battle Field takes the game length and makes it much more realistic by almost doubling the match length of CoD's. The maps in MW3 are going to be smaller than BF3 maps. On BF3, what makes playing on the large maps fun is that you can drive vehicles such as helicopters, atvs or 4 wheelers, tanks, and small UAV's on online multiplayer matches. On MW3 online multiplayer matches you cannot drive these vehicles. Another factor that will be disappointing to CoD fans is that in BF3 you can't get kill streak rewards. As for BF fans MW3 has kill streak rewards. In case you do not no what that is, it's when you get a consecutive number of kills in a row without dieing. You get rewards such as attack helicopters and such.

So if you were wondering about these 2 games, I hope this helped! I'm not even sure which game I'm going to get! Check back here soon for more PS3 Gaming updates. Thanks!